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Our mission is to improve your success!

Alpha Web Smarts offers a range of standard and customized services that we guarantee will improve the performance of your website and maximize your exposure on the top search engines and directories.

All Alpha-SEO Packages Include:

  • Alpha-SEO Analyser - Evaluate your website ranking and that of your competitors on the top search engines. AWS sets up and runs the tests then analyses the test results. AWS liaises with you to determine your keyword phrases and more than 20 meta classes describing and cataloguing your site. Pre-Alpha-SEO benchmarking of website rankings.
  • Alpha-SEO Pages Optimiser - AWS will modify your website to improve its attractiveness to all relevant search engines by:
    • Optimising pages head, body and links content
    • Inserting keyword phrases in meta tags, title tags, comment tags and image tags for increased relevance to ensure that website users can quickly evaluate the relevancy of your site and to maximize its listing in the search results
    • Recursively linking your pages together so search engines spiders can effectively crawl through your site. Alpha-SEO Page Optimizer contains a drill down editor which builds hundreds of thousands of your keywords and thousands of links to pages with your keywords. Alpha-SEO Page Optimizer will upgrade all web pages that you specify for modification
    • Create index pages for all keyword phrases to boost search engine access.
  • Alpha-SEO Submissions - to hundreds of search engines, directories and linked resources. Updated and maintained on a regular basis by our staff. We save you time and effort by filling in the forms and tracking your submissions
  • Alpha-SEO Tracking of website rankings, confirmations of listings and submission maintenance for 12 months

Alpha-SEO gives you the edge you need to drive targeted traffic to your website.

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